The Philosopher 1923, conversation with Christoph Schuringa on “Humanism and Social Critique”

Vanderbilt Philosophy Faculty Interview with Scott Aikin.

Keynote at Australian Hegel Society Conference, Confronting Crisis, “Species-Being and Ethical Life.”

Yale Franke Lectures in the Humanities, The Value of Marx’s Capital, “Species-Being: In Defense of Humanist Social Critique.”

Keynote at LMU Munich Conference, Nature in German Idealism, “The Idea of the Earth in Günderrode, Hegel, and Schelling.”

Book Discussion on Hegel’s Concept of Life at the Leuven Seminar in Classical German Philosophy.

Book Discussion on Hegel’s Concept of Life at VAMP (Vanderbilt Modern Philosophy Group).

Podcast with CUP celebrating Hegel 250, talking with Joe Saunders about Hegel’s concept of freedom.

5 Minuten Hegel, a video project celebrating Hegel 250. I discuss Ansteckung/contagion in Hegel’s Phenomenology with Andreja Novakovic.

An interview with the APA Blog.